State inspectors

  1. Any really quick hints on going through my first state inspection??? They showed up today, and will be there till Friday, of course I have to work daylight those days...believe it or not, first time for state inspection in 8 years of nursing.... any hints would be appreciated
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    From my years of experience (heh heh)

    1) Don't panic. If they ask you something you don't know - just make sure they know that although you don't know it, you know where to look to find it.

    2) Remember the basic stuff. Codes, etc., etc., They're interested in seeing if your institution is following its own policies and procedures, among other things.

    3) Don't answer anything they haven't asked.

    You'll do fine. Most people have the opportunity to run into a room when the inspection team are there!


  4. by   CATHYW
    Do not offer info, but be cordial. If asked, answer questions as concisely as possible. If questioned as to P&P, if you can't quote it verbatim, say "I'll be glad to look it up in the P&P book for you. It's right over here."

    Know where check-off lists are kept, training documentation, safety documentation, how meds are stocked and accounted for, what happens if the count is off, etc. Know when supplies are restocked, where the stock comes from, and who does the restocking. Know who to report a safety and health issue to, and how to get it resolved ASAP. Know what to do in any type of emergency, such as weather, newborn abduction, fire, violence, etc. Know where fire extinguishers are.

    Good luck!