Stat holidays??

  1. could someone tell me how stats work??
    i was told that i have 2 stats to take before the end of april.. what does this mean? sorry i am a new grad so still learning the system...
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  3. by   TracyB,RN
    Never heard of "stat" used in that fashion.... sorry.
  4. by   sharann
    Do you mean state holidays??? I have no idea what they mean by stat holidays(but I'll take one if they insist!)
  5. by   daz2003
    nope i mean stat...
    its like if u work christmas and new years i think u get to take 2 days off during the year and get paid x2 for it? i'm not sure... thats why i'm asking. i'm in canada though..
  6. by   fergus51
    Statutory holidays are government recognized holidays. Your employer has to pay you for them even when you don't work. If you worked them, you usually also get a bonus.

    If your workplace is similar to mine you just have to tell them when you want to be paid for them (usually 8 hours of pay for each stat) and that extra money will show up on your check. OR, you can take the same number of hours off and still get paid, sort of like using vacation time.
  7. by   Gail-Anne
    Right, stat as in statutory holiday. Depends on provincial contract how they are handled. When I started nursing, (long-long ago!) we had to take the day off within 30 days of the stat. Nice around Christmas as 3 stats at that time. Now, it is built in to the rotation, makes it easier on administration as they aren't trying to replace people here and there.
    If you go into the web-site for your provinces union you should be able to find the info that pertains to you. In B.C. we get double time if you work most stats and 2 1/2 times for labour day, Christmas and one of the Easter stats as well as your extra day off. Not many people call in sick on a stat!
  8. by   daz2003
    thank u so much everyone!