1. Can anyone explain to me what happens to someone's body when they are starving? What in thier body changes as a result to thier lack of nutrition and what could the lasting side effects be? this is for my own knowledge, I'm not seeking medical advice for anyone.
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  3. by   Tweety
    This booklet has a "pathophysiology of starvation" chapter. Just Google that and you will find information, because it's a bit much to put in a post.

    Also reseraching anorexia nervosa will reveal what undernutrition and does as well. We see this more often here in the USA than famine and starvation.

    I also remember a post recently when someone mentioned "starvation" when they were really talking about "fasting". Many people do therapeuatic fasts for health, weight loss and religious reasons, and if this is what you're after, you can google "fasting" and get some information that way.

    Good luck.