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  1. Has anyone here ever started up a support group??? Many of you know that I lost both my brothers to suicide. There is no SOS (survivors of suicide) groups in my area. I would like to start one--because I know there is a great need in the surrounding counties. (we are very rural in places)

    Here are some questions? Will churches provide a meeting area for free or minimal cost???

    How do I get the word out in the area that I am doing this???

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  3. by   Kimt
    I'm sure many churches, mental health services, or non-profit organizations in your area would be happy to provide the space for a support group. Hospitals, mental health providers and already existing support groups would be a good start to get the word out. How about the community section of your local newspaper. This sounds like a positive way to help get through the healing process. Good Luck!
  4. by   fedupnurse
    Our hospital donates conference rooms to AA, NA, etc. If there is a hospital near you try getting in touch with the mental health division. I would think you'd need a psychologist/trist monitor present or to at least sponser the group in some way. I would think the mental health association (there's gotta be one right?) might be able to give you pointers.
    Good luck. Sounds like a great idea to start and I'm so sorry for your losses.
  5. by   zumalong
    thanks kimt and fedupnurse-- I am going to try the little hospital that is in the middle of our county. I appreciate the replies. I feel I need to have something positive come out of this situation.

    Take care
  6. by   eltrip
    Thanks for being willing to start a support group! You go, girl! Nancy & Kim have already covered the important info that I was thinking of sharing, so the only thing that I can add is have coffee (decaf?) available. : )

  7. by   Tiiki
    My mother ran several support groups, for migraine suffers & one for agoraphobics. The first step is to get a meeting place. As was already suggested, the local hospital may donate space at no cost. Most community newspapers advertise at no cost, or minimal at that. The local radio stations usually advertise for free for community events. Place ads in the hospital news letter, put notices up on bullitin boards. Line up guest speakers. Most are willing to help out at no cost. Keep a log of meetings, guest speakers etc. Network, see who can/will help you and hold onto them. Libraries (medical) will also provide video cassets etc on loan to your group. These are all things to keep in mind.

    I am so sorry about your brothers, you are turning a tragedy into a postitive outlet that will help many others.