Starting Salary of LVN in S.A., TX?

  1. I'm planning to enroll at Galen Health Institute in S.A., TX. I do not know anyone who has attended this school, and have not heard anyone speak about it. Does anyone know about this school? (I actually went to the campus and spoke with a representative, and it seems like a good school, but it's very small!) Also can anyone tell me what the starting salary of an LVN is in S.A.? I know the average is $35K, and may vary depending on what type of setting, but I would like to know what the starting pay is. Any help is appreciated!
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    I am from around the S.A. area and the pay varies dramatically. I worked as a civilian at a military facility making just over $13/hr, and but the range that I've seen is between $17-$28/hr, this includes hospitals, nursing homes, and agency.

    I think the better question becomes what's the pay and are there benefits involved? Does the employer pay some benefits? Is there 401k, retirement, etc.

    The job I had w/ the military facility did not include benefits. There were several plans available that were very overpriced and did not completely fit my needs. I had a job in a nursing home making waay more money, plus was able to afford my benefits w/ a great plan, and still take home more than I did w/ the military job.

    As far as the Galen Institute, I've heard it's a good place. I've worked w/ a few nurses that have graduated from there and been on the floor w/ the students, and they really do seem to know their stuff.
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    Also, browse the Texas Nurses Forum for more detailed information: