Staffing Ratios- Need help

  1. I am trying to find out what other persons nurse/pt ratios are for icu;tele & m/s.
    also, the number of unlicensed personnel that are available to help on the shift (unit sec; monitor techs; nurse aides/techs, etc)
    Curious too does the charge nurse take pts?
    I am a manager. I believe chg nurses should not take pts as a usual. Have been told that my hospital needs to increase our ratios. Especially would like to hear from hospitals that are around 300 beds and non teaching. Am looking to compare w/ Georgia/southeast area not for profit.
    Our current ratios: ICU 2-1 usual; Tele 5-6 - 1; M/S 5-8 -1. Nurse techs in ICU 1 per shift; on floors (40bed units) 2-3 per shift.Unit secretaries on all shifts. Monitor tech 1 for tele per shift.
    Thanks for any help!
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  3. by   CC NRSE
    Sounds like you all have it pretty good!! I work in a 385 be hospital. We have a total of 28 critical care beds and 20 PCU (step down) beds. our ratio in CC is suppose to be 1/2pt but it is not unusual for us to take 3 a piece. We don't ever have a tech. We have one secretary for critical care and one for PCU ( on days 12 hr shifts)at night we have none. PCU ratio is 1/3 pts but they also take 4-5 on most days. The floors i'm not really sure about. I know at one time not so very long ago, they took 8-10 at night without a tech. I think it is a little better now ( more like 6-8) and at least one tech at night and two during the day. The floors always have a secretary and their charge nurses do not take patients.
    Critical Care and PCU have charge nurses but they do take patients. I'm with you, I don't think charge nurses should take patients. Even in CC where we call the MD's ourself, sometimes you have a patient who is 1 on 1 or 2 on 1. That extra set of hands would come in handy!!!
  4. by   janine3&5
    I work in an 850 bed non-teaching hospital in FL.
    ICUs- usually 2:1, have student nurses as techs, 1 per shift or none. Rotate charge nurses, who take pt loads. Unit secretary on all shifts.
    PCU-2-3RNs:10, 1 PCA on 7-3 and 1 for 3-11. No unit secretary. Charge doesn't take pts.
    Med-surg-1 RN and 1 LPN or 2 RNs:10. 1 PCA on 7-3 and 1 on 3-11. No unit secretary and charge doesn't take pts.
  5. by   georgia nurse
    In Lawrenceville,Ga., our ratio is about the same as yours and we are working ourselves to death. I am astounded when I hear about the ratios that are far worse than ours-how in the world do they do it? Fight with all that is available to keep what you have. Of course with the nursing shortage it doesn't matter what the matrix calls for if you don't have the employees hired.