SQ injections

  1. Hi, when doing a SQ injection do you normally use 45 or 90 degrees for the average adult? There has been some conterversy with myself, other students teacher and other nurses. What do you use and why. Thanks
  2. Poll: What angle do you use for SQ injections?

    • 45 degress all the time!

      53.37% 95
    • 45 degrees only for petite pt!

      12.92% 23
    • 90 degrees all the time!

      23.60% 42
    • 90 degrees only for obese pts!

      13.48% 24
    178 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   nursedawn67
    i couldn't really answer the poll itself, I base it individually on each resident. Heavier residents more towards a 90 and for a smaller resident the traditional 45.
  5. by   maikranz
    depends what the medication is.
    some allergy shots are better tolerated @ 90
    some vaccinations must be @ 45
    Personally, I like 90.
  6. by   salmi
    For obese patients 90 and for others 45 and even less if skin layer is very thin.

  7. by   VickyRN
    Depends on size of needle involved. 1/2 inch or less, 90 degrees, greater than 1/2 inch, 45 degrees. Also, amount of pt SQ tissue also factors into this.
  8. by   snickers
    Used 45 degrees for a hundred years...until enoxaparin came along(LMWH).Our policy says 90 degrees for it.

  9. by   kids
    I was taught 90' all the time-scrunch up the flesh on the skinny ones, only give with a 28 gauge, don't use over a 1/2" needle unless they are chubby then use a 5/8, if very chubby 'dimple' a little with it.