SQ Infusion question

  1. I'm new to SQ infusions. I'm working a new floor, and we have SQ infusions for pain control on some pts. I believe our hospital policy is to change the catheter Q 72H & prn, just like on IVs. I am wondering if this is the standard protocol? Anyone care to comment on what you do @ your place of work? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Changing site every 72 hrs is the norm. However, rates of 2cc/hr. or more may require more frequent site rotation. Sometimes solution is not well absorbed at high potency or is more irritant to tissues. If you see a greater than 25cent size bump in the area, means the fluid is not being absorbed but just deposited and site needs to be rotated--changing to q 48 or even q 24 hrs has been helpful for some patients.

    The use of Subcutaneous button for therapy is really helpful and tolerated well by many patients


    Also found: Essentials of IV Therapy
    Great chart re Characteristics of IV Fluids --little info re SQ infusion.
  4. by   Genista
    Thank you NRSKarenRN!
    Just wanted to confirm the correct protocol.SQ infusions are new to me, but I'm seeing them more & more. Thanks for the helpful links.
  5. by   SandyB
    Cool to see they are doing this for people. I have given SQ fluids to cats and dogs many times...and I found you can give alot of fluid and make a big bubble that is absorbed! Really weird to watch.
    Since I hope to try Hospice nursing some time next year maybe I'll get to see this in use.