sometimes bad advice can kill you

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  3. by   jevans
    It is absolutely amazing !!!!!

    We don't have rabies in UK but even laypeople understand that you would be at risk
  4. by   Teshiee
    The one thing I learned in medicine that nothing is always textbook there are exceptions to the rule. Her persistence saved her life when in doubt go to the ER. That nagging little voice that tells you nah something is not right! Please take heed. Doctors are not perfect it is apparently some people do not update their knowledge on certain things. I have to stay current and if I am not sure to set the patient mind at ease come in and let us check it out. That is what the health care team is there for.
  5. by   oramar
    There is a bad problem with rabies in Pa. Twice I have come accross racoons in the park in the middle of the day that were acting strangely. I will never know for sure but I had a gut feeling they were rabid. I just backed away very slowly cautioning others to do the same. I just wonder if the nurse that also gave incorrect advice as a favor over the phone would be liable. I bet she would.