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  1. Hello,

    This is my first post here, but something happened at my job and I really feel I need to speak out about it and get opinions from other professionals.

    I currently work as a CNA in a hospital. I do work the night shift. I found out on Thursday August 19 that my son needed sugery to have his adnoids out. My manager was off on Friday so I couldn't talk to her, so I talked to her Monday about the time off. His procedure is scheduled for Tuesday 8/29, so I told her that I just really needed Monday off because Tuesday is my scheduled day off and Wednesday there are three aides scheduled and we never use more than two, so she said If I found somebody to work Monday night, she would take me off the schedule on Wednesday.

    Well, even though I was mad she wanted me to find coverage I did. I wasn't asking for time off for a party or something. Anyway I did find coverage and I wrote her a note stating I found someone to work for me Monday and asked if she was still going to take me off the schedule for Wednesday. Low and behold I get a message in my mailbox this morning stating that she couldn't give me Wednesday off because someone has come to her after I did and needed to switch their schedule for their clinical experience. And once again told me to find coverage for weds.

    I understand that my son is not having major surgery, but it is to me. I don't think one day off was too much for her to do, being she already agreed to Weds. and I followed her conditions.

    Most people I spoke to tell me to go to upper management and HR to see my options, but I feel so angry and betrayed because we have had a good relationship up to this point, I don't want to rock the boat if I am being out of line. Not to toot my own horn, but I am a great CNA and don't sleep in the corner at night and don't go on mutiple disappearing acts throughout the night like others. The nurses and patients both really enjoy working with me and I with them.

    Please give me your opinions and be honest if I am being to naive about things.

    Thank you all in advanced, Christy
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would go back to the nursing manager and let her know that you appreciate her scheduling conflict but you have held up your side of the bargain by finding coverage for Monday and you are sorry that you won't be able to work on Wednesday since that was the agreed-on arrangement. End of discussion. Keep it light and on target.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    You need to talk to your HR department and get this straightened out! You can use time from your Family Leave (which is federally mandated!). I mean, lets face it...and please may this not occur...but what if things get complicated and he needs to stay longer or what not..then you will need coverage past what you are being offered!

    Work with HR to get what you are allowed by law for ill family members! If you don' are setting yourself up for being walked on..and everyone after you! Plus, heck with that are MOMMY and he is going to want you there...that is more important than anything in my book!

    Good luck!