So.. You're Ready to Get Out of Nursing?

  1. Some time back I worked in a medium sized hospital. Everyone always seemed on edge. No matter what one did, it was wrong (unless, of course, you were part of the "inner circle".. which I wasn't and never intended to be!)
    I loved taking care of children, but I just could not tolerate the constant BS that went with being a nurse. So I enrolled in a computer science degree program and worked as a PRN Pediatric Home Care nurse in the meantime. I absolutely fell in love with the "job".
    I take care of mostly Oncology children. These kids give me more inspiration than any motivational expert could dream up. For the most part, they're smart, strong willed, and very stubborn. There's not a day that goes by that I don't cry and laugh with a child. Their hugs are genuine.
    I wouldn't trade my job for anything right now. And that's coming from someone who hated nursing and almost gave up entirely on the profession.
    You want something that will keep you going when the 'goin' seems impossible? Spend your days with these kids and you'll wonder where you've been all of your life!
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  3. by   kids
    You have NO idea how many Nurses I have hired in the past 6 months that said after a couple of weeks on the job "I wish I had tried this years ago".

    Imagine...spending 4/6/10/12 hours 1:1 with a medically fragile child...going to school, giving GT feeds, playing, suctioning trachs, reading, rocking, doing ROM, laughing, riding bikes, playing games...I still have days where I still can't believe they pay me to do this.

    Yes, the pay is less than in other fields of Nursing but the stress is so much lower.
  4. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... get out or not to get out...

    Personally I think I started nursing too young... AKA I was in a charge position before I was 19...

    I'll be 21 soon... so, I've been doing this for about 3 years....
    I am seriously thinking about getting out of the profession... I had to leave one job as it stressed me out so much, I was beginning to get crispy and burned out after 7 months, and the last time I checked, kids wernt supposed to get burnt.

    Its nearing about the same with the new job...
    SO... I'm starting cooking school in the spring... Got into one of the top schools in the area... and I cant wait to start something different....

    I dont hate nursing... I just dont love it anymore...

  5. by   suzannasue
    Wish there were an opportunity in this area like yours, Steve!!!!!!!! I did the deed and gave my immediate resignation last night...will be looking for employment Monday morning. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!
    I agree with you YETI,I don't hate nursing,I just don't love it anymore.
  6. by   Marge
    I am currently trying to talk myself into another year as a floor nurse. I have only worked as a nurse for 2 years but I am loosing my will to be a nurse. I hate being stuck between the rock and hard spot, there are the doctors that hate being called during the night but yet if you don't call they yell at you in the morning that they weren't called. THen there are the patients that seem to think they are at a hotel and should get things exactly how they want and when they want. To top that off there are the next shift nurses, of which are supposed to be co-workers, that like to chew you a new ass if you didn't do something or if you didn't do it perfectly. I am so sick of being made to feel incompentent after running my butt off for the whole shift trying to meet the highest priority needs of my patients.
    I say I am trying to talk myself into another year as most positions I want to get into want atleast 3 years acute care experience. But I am starting to think I might just get out of the whole nursing profession completely as what is the point.