Site for gluteal IM injections ?

  1. I was told by one of the Doctor's that I work for the orther day, that I'm doing a good job in the office, but when I give my IM injections to patients in the hips I was told that I was going up to high. He also stated that some patients have complained of pain shooting down there legs. I know of one instance that a patient told me that after I gave him an injection. I have been a RMA for 7 years, and was taught that IM inj goes into the gluteus medius. So I asked the doctor, so your saying that I should put the inj in the gluteus maximus not the medius and he told me yes. I have always used my boundaries also, he also asked me if I knew about the quadrants, which I do.

    So my question is am I giving injections wrong by putting them in the upper outer quadrant of the gluteus medius?, Or should I do as the Doctor says by putting IM injections down lower in the gluteus maximus? :stone
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  3. by   BandEmom
    My nursing school and the textbook we used no longer teaches or reccomends using this site. I did learn it on the floor, but the preferred way that I learned was the ventrogluteal site. This is the one where you put your palm on the trochanter and inject between your index and middle finger. This way, you are not as close to the sciatic nerve, or major blood vessels.
    I do remember what you are saying about the quadrants, and I really don't remember where you are supposed to inject. Sorry, I'm not helpful... it's late over here...
  4. by   PamUK
    I was always taught the Upper Outer Quadrant I have been giving injections there for over 33 years and never had a complaint.

    I wrote the procedure for my hospital, with detailed pictures, so will get it today & post here
  5. by   karenG
    I was taught the prefered site is the upper outer quadrant.... so you miss the sciatic nerve.

    But then I've been around a long time and it may have changed!!

  6. by   merry nurse
    I also inject using the 4 quadrands and injecting at the upper right, without any c/o pain, etc. You would be surprised at the number of nurses I work with that don't know about this method. I never could get the feel for the V method.
  7. by   merry nurse
    No I don't think the sciatic nerve has changed. Ha, Ha. ( I couldn't resist that one).