Single Mom, Quit Work to Go to School Full Time, possible?

  1. Hello! I will be a single mom at the end of the year. I have been working full time and going to school part time for a while. I am done with my prereqs and I am just sick of working and going to school together. I also don't know how I can handle both with a new baby and no help from the child's father.

    My question is... what are my options... and where do I need to begin to look into quitting work and going to school full time? I know people do it, but how?

    Any advice is welcome
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  3. by   TNGericare
    I started persuing my nursing career in 2004. I worked a full time job, 45 miles away, and went to school 3 days a week in that same city, where I now live. Yes, it was hard and there was help at that time BUT it didn't last. To make the long story short...I kept my grades up, applied for all the Federal help I could get. The thing is, if your a single mother you have options, but it is based on your income. Here in TN, we have HOPE Scholarships, State scholarships and such. I lost that "wonderful" job in 2005 to overseas sales, therefore, the state paid for everything. I am now an LPN and do love my job and appreciate all that I went through to get here. AND if the father is not helping need to go to the state welfare office and see what your options are.
  4. by   classicdame
    The husband of a friend of mine left her when she was 8 mos. pregnant with twins and already the mother of a 2 y/old. Just left. She went on welfare and got whatever federal/state assistance she could. It was awful till she got out of school and got a job. Now she is a nurse manager and remarried. Still no idea where the 1st guy is, although his family tells her they hear from him now and again. The twins are now grown and have never laid eyes on him. My friend says without her church family she would never have gotten thru.
  5. by   Pinkster
    yes you can do it, but you need to take advantage of all the support you can get, family, friends, and community.
    Check into financial aide, scholarships, and child programs like head start, healthy start and child developmental services for help with child care.

    I am a full time student and I do not work. I have a two year old and though the father (and my fiance) is in the picture his income all goes to his debts and he works out of town all week. So I feel sort of like a single mom sometimes. I use the support of my family, his family and our friends for babysitting, an the use of my scholarships and finacial aide for school. We live at home with my parents to save costs while I am in NS and he pays off some debt.

    You can do it, ut don't be affraid to ask for help, good luck!
  6. by   APBT mom
    I don't know what state you live in but I know in Florida they have a program called WIA (I don't know what it stands for). It's for people with kids who need help for school but can't afford it. You apply to the program and if accepted you get your school and all supplies needed paid for by the state without having to repay. They might have asimilar program where you live.
  7. by   beckyb2201
    i am a single mom of two kids, 6 and 8. i just started school last week (lpn). it's hard as hell. we live with my boyfriend, the kids father (he's not my boyfriend) pays very VERY little in child support and lives in another state. we're on a very fixed income.

    i'm not really worried about the money. the program i'm in is only 11 months so i look at it like it's only a year of struggling with money, i've been struggling for the past 8 years so what's another year added to it. the only problem i'm having is finding time to do all the reading/homework/studying. i knew the course would be hard, but i really didn't think it would be this hard. i just need a set schedule.

    anyways, i say do it. take advantage of they system, that's what it's there for. you'll be paying into it for the rest of your life. good luck.
  8. by   scrubbleuffagus08
    I live in Colorado.

    I will have to pay for childcare (or find some) while I'm in school. My family is in a hardship right now and can't help me much.

    I'm going to call the financial aid office tomorrow and start there. I'm jsut nervous about quitting and having enough money. I have rent, car payment, insurance, bills, etc. I need to make sure are covered. I know in the long run it will be totally worth it! I've just got to make the first jump
  9. by   fuuchan
    I moved back in with my parents. Although my son's father helps out a bit, it's not much since he's kind of hard up too. I agree with everything everyone says. Apply for all the state/federal help you can, visit the women's center or any similar organization on campus - they can either help you directly or get you in touch with people who can, are private loans an option for you? Get all the financial aid you can, search for scholarships, sometimes hospitals even foot the bill for school if you promise to work for them for a certain amount of time. Good luck, it's HARD, but you can do it. Just remember it will all be worth it.