Singing River Hospital

  1. Does anyone know what Singing River Hospital in Mississippi the RN Pool pays. I work in Mobile, AL and work Medsurg, Onocology for 3 years. Just looking for PRN positions. Thanks
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  3. by   mjjlRN
    I would call up the Nurse Recruiter and ask. I also work in Mobile, AL as an RN, but live in Mississippi. When I moved to the area, 2 years ago, Singing River paid nearly 2 dollars/hour more for full-time than where I finally chose to work (but the schedule where I took a job was better).
  4. by   mustlovepoodles
    Oh,wow! I haven't thought about Singing River Hospital in years. My mother went through her LPN program there. She really loved that hospital. I used to make drawings for her which she took to her favorite patients. I have no idea what the pay is, but I wanted to say thanks for the memory!

    Incidentally, she went on to get her RN and worked for many years at Mobile Infirmary. I won't post what I think of that hospital(I worked there for 2 years myself.)
  5. by   EarthChild1130
    *sigh* This is TOTALLY off topic but I used to live in Mobile and was sent to Oregon with the Coast Guard...I'm from Alabama and we lived in Mobile for 7 years, and I lived there as a kid too, so I feel like it's my hometown LOL...I love Mobile and got my BSN there at USA...While I adore Oregon, I do miss Mobile!!!

    Okay, you can have your thread back...sorry!!