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Reoprt labs for another nurses patient because I took the phone call from the lab? I got a nasty gram from my manager today telling me I didn't record that I reported a critical value. I did take... Read More

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    Curious here, does the lab also inform the nurse of the critical value? I think it is awesome that they page the MD themselves and that certainly makes sense, but if I was the RN at the bedside I would sure want to know about it too.
    No, they don't inform the RN. It was our responsibility as we saw fit to check the labs (you DO get a little alert on the computer if a critical value resulted) though it could go ignored. But ultimately, the RNs (unless they had a protocol) were not the ones treating electrolyte abnormalities so they were not the ones to primarily notify.
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    also said JACO, and my pet peeve is people that don't realize that they've been "Joint Commission" for YEARS now.
    They probably changed their name because people kept getting JCAHO wrong in the first place.