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  1. :uhoh21: I joined this is nursing school. I was told is was a priviledge, but does anyone know exactly what it's all about?
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  3. by   HealthyRN
    One cannot simply join Sigma Theta Tau. There is an application process for acceptance. Sigma Theta Tau is the international honor society of nursing. It is an honor to be accepted to the organization. It works to promote nursing research, facilitation of academic and professional goals, and advancement of the profession. There is a lot more information on the website:
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    It's always good to find out exactly what something is before joining anything. :stone
  5. by   BSNinTX
    This is the academic honor society for nursing. It means that your GPA is good, and that the faculty that invited you to apply/be inducted see something worthwhile in you. If you plan to go anywhere with your career, or to teach, or to write, or to do research, it is a useful feature on your resume. It can be a good networking resource. Importantly, if you have the chance to join during school, do so and keep your membership active. After you leave school, in order to join you must do so as a "community member," which requires five years experience and a nomination from a "somebody" in the local chapter. Overall, it's a good thing to have on your academic and professional resume, and can help you access the academic/research sides of nursing. If nothing else, you get a subscription to a research journal, so you can talk knowingly about current research trends with your colleagues.
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    I'm a SSTI member. I was selected in nursing school and have so far kept my membership. I really like the pursuit of nursing scholarship and research. I'm very proud to have been inducted. I would like to do more with the organization when I'm more experienced and back in the States.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Be aware, if you are already a nurse, you must have a baccalaureate or higher to be a member of this honor society. So ADN's (without a prior bachelor's degree), are not considered. You may also be a member, if you are enrolled in an undergraduate/ baccalaureate program, with the right GPA and other requirements. If you are interested in how membership is achieved, see:

    for all the criteria for membership.
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