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:confused: i'm new to these message boards and the more i read the more i'm many of you nurse's out there have been diagnosed with fibro, lupus, rls, sjogrene's... Read More

  1. by   SuzyQRN
    I also have fibromyalgia.CFIDS and believe a factor that contributes is all the vaccines we have to get.
    I began to get sick after the annual flu shot,but had recently also had the hepatitis vaccine.
    I am sure other factors also contribute,but keep this in mind.
    I had bad reactions each year when taking the flu shot,and would usually end up sick with a swollen and hurting arm and flu like symptoms and would schedule my shot when I knew I would be off a day or two for that reason.
    Now,hindsite is 20/20 they say and if I had to do it over,I would have taken my flu chances rather than take the shot.
    Fibromyalgia is the number one disbaler of women in the USA today and a high number of them work in healthcare settings.
    Take care of yourselves.
    Build up your immunity by avoiding sugar and processed foods/drinks.
    Exercise,take vitamins,get rest.
    Put your health first.
    You deserve it.
    I wish I knew enough truth about nutrition and taking care of myself before I got sick.
    I have learned now and can get some control of my symptoms now by following a lowcarb regimen with lots fruit and salad and veggies and avoiding processed stuff,white flour,and sugar.I drink water and tea only and take vitamins and exercise.
    I was a type A personality also who worked and played hard and took care of everyone around me but me.
    If any young new nurses are reading this,please take my advice.
    Take care of yourself and stop and smell the roses.
    Watch what you eat and drink.
    I would not want even my worst enemy to become as sick as I am because I did not know any better.
    Best Wishes to all healthcare workers.Take care of YOU too.
  2. by   healingtouchRN
    Nurse Tina update: she is again off the vent. She tried to get a shower with hubby's help & her catheter bag leaked pee everywhere....but otherwise, very tired & glad to be extubated. Thanks to all who were/are praying for her.
  3. by   catrn10
    Well, this post makes MY day. I have been out of work on worker's comp. since April 24. I fell at work. They have sent me to a lovely doctor, who told me that the excrutiating pain running from my lower back down to my toes was strictly subjective, and not an objective finding, and not of import. What was important was the finding of advanced arthritis in my lt. hip, and that wasn't W.C.'s problem. After months of ignoring my complains, I got an MRI, after the leg pain was gone. Nothing showed up. I went through P.T>, and was unable to progress without severe pain, the more I do, the more numb my lt foot gets, and it starts down my leg again from my back. After all this time, I am depressed, he refused to treat it as "It isn't related to your hip". Nevermind the fact I have been unable to work since I fell and am losing everything I worked so hard for, and the daily fight with unrelieved pain. Now I have developed HTN,230/130 when I went to the ED, and he wouldn't treat that either, as it is unrelated to my hip. I have never had high blood pressure before and that is well documented. My regular MD had a cow, took me off celebrex (which has a side effect of HTN. ),and put me on CoveraHS, and my BP is down again. Of course, that wasn't the ortho MD's fault either , even though he put me on it. I have also developed sinusitis and a UTI, my rt. knee is going out from bearing all my weight, and I have developed carpal tunnel bilaterally. Over the past 10 years of nursing, I have lost 6 teeth(and I am the daughter of a dentist), and have weird muscle pain that is tiresome. I can't sleep over 4hours at a time, am constantly tired. I worked night shift. Good thing I am getting such good care from W.C. Wonder if the food stamps will be approved this week. I'd kill myself, but then the number in our household would drop and we wouldn't qualify and I've got 3 kids.
  4. by   healingtouchRN
    Oh my goodness! I think this w.c provider is an idiot. JCAHO says just because one can't prove pain doesn't mean it's not there!!!! Like migranes & a million other sometime non-provable pain, the patient's (your) statement is proof alone that you are in Pain (pain scales were developed just for this or did your w.c. provider not get this in their handbook!?) I will pray for your healing & pain relief. Please seek alternatives, & there are many afffordable alternatives in pain mgmt in the Atlanta area ( I don't know where you are) but I trained in Atlanta for part of my certification in Healing Touch & met many alternative practitioners who specialize in pain & healing...blessings to you.
  5. by   krispynurse
    I'm back from vacation and very glad to know that Tina is doing better. I kept check on a friend's putor in between fishing. I pray she gets to go home soon.
  6. by   healingtouchRN
    Tina went home!!! She can't come back to work for a while because she is too week. Her pulmonary doc said it may take 3-6 months to get over this. She was just depleted. She does burn both wicks of her candle so to speak. Please pray for her cont'd healing, she is ruffing it, health wise & financially! Thanks for your note. she appreciates it!
  7. by   krispynurse
    Thanks for the good news on Tina. I wish her and her family all the best. My prayers continue to be with her as always.
  8. by   healingtouchRN
    thanks a million from the bottoms of our hearts.