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The very first thing I need to say is that I have scheduled an appointment with a GI about this, and they were so pleased to inform me that they had a new patient opening "really soon!". It is... Read More

  1. by   TennNurse
    So I went to Walmart and there is some OTC stuff for IBS ,it is in the laxative area and it completly relieved all symptoms within a couple of hours. Maybe you could try that.[/QUOTE]

    Oh, please, please tell me, what is it?
  2. by   pugmum
    A friend has IBS, and mentioned this website....

    You might find it helpful.
  3. by   kat911
    I was diagnosed with IBS by my GI doc years ago. RX really didn't help. Finally figured out on my own that Glucophage was one part of the problem and things improved some. Then I was told about an OTC med named Omnigest EZ and it fixed the rest. I am very sensetive to any fat in my diet post Cholecystectomy. I also have some food intolerances. Using this OTC with meals has made my life so much better. I wish I had stock in the company. It claims to contain only digestive enzymes. I have told many frineds and family members about it and they all swear by it. I get it at Walmart in the area where the lactaid is sold.
  4. by   ClaireMacl
    I was suspected for having Crohn's for quite a while in the past few years, the gastro has now said it is one of the worst cases of IBS-D he has seen. I've not had a respite in over two years and am constantly taking loperamide (which only slows things, doesn't cure anything!). I was recently started on Amitriptyline for the pain, though quickly halved the dose then stopped it as I literally could not stay awake (I already have fatigue issues from Lupus). These things seem never ending! I often wonder if I can now actually sustain a personal relationship with the relationship I have with my bathroom!!!

    I'm seeing my gastro again at the end of Jan and hopefully he'll come up with another alternative, even if its taking codine or something to help the pain and hopefully constipate me a bit, lol.

    IBS is never good, my mum has the opposite (IBS-C), we often dream of swapping half our symptoms then we'd both be near to normal!
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    my gi recommended fibercon, 2 -4 tabs per day every day. it helps my ibs!