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I was at work last night (12hr nightshift) and all night people were telling me that I didnt look well,pale, diaphoretic etc, I had a bit of a headache to start and I just assumed it was because of... Read More

  1. by   JeannieM
    Darling Wendy, the navel-to-spinal-column-pukee-poopies are the pits!!! And not getting the respect of your ER peers is just as bad. Perhaps you weren't aware that NEVER GETTING SICK is written in on your job description??? (page 212, line 417, paragraph 42). Seriously, until we learn to nurture our own, we are forever going to be short-staffed an disrespected. God bless, and please always know that you are nurtured and cared for here!!! JeannieM
  2. by   JeannieM
    Of course, you are much less nurtured and cared for if you are extremely dead! (as opposed to "slightly dead" or "still warm and salvageable"). Peeps, LUVED the post!!! Your sense of humor is as black as mine!!! :kiss JeannieM
  3. by   hapeewendy
    hurray hurray I had something real food like today and it didnt come back to haunt me!
    I have a wicked little case of gastro according to my family dr , who wrote me off for a couple days in the hopes that my poor ravaged bod can get back into prime health by monday..
    once again you all rock
    guess folks are gonna have to wait before I become an IV pole or doorstopper or anything of the sort
    I would make a lousy one anyway peeps cuz I stand all of 5'2 in shoes standing slightly uphill on tippy toes ..... ah well a girl can still dream
    thank you all for sparing me of the pukey avatar
    I wouldnt have been able to see the humour in that at all - just kidding
    and about dreaming about being sick at work ,adrien my friend , welcome to my world!
    haha I will stop now before you dream about other scary things put into your brain by
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Im glad your better...........