Should RNs be part of the staff in daycares?

  1. I am a Nursing Student in Washington State. I was
    wondering if you all could respond to this survey for an
    important independent study I am working on related to my BSN-RN
    degree. (the data will not include names or email addresses
    only the type of response such has how many yes's or no's and
    what the common answers may be)

    1. Do you have children?

    2. Do you have children in daycares?

    3. Do you think a Registered Nurse should be full time staff in a
    daycare setting?

    4. How do you think a Registered Nurse would be beneficial in a
    daycare setting?

    5. Would you be wiling to pay more for child care if a Registered
    Nurse was added to your daycare?

    6. Would you be interested in working as a Registered Nurse in a
    daycare setting?

    7. Do you have an interest in the research of adding a Registerd
    Nurse to full time staff to daycares?

    Thank you for your time and help in this project!! Sincerely, Monica

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