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Hello All! I have graduated with a degree in Social Sciences and now work a very nice job with full benefits for the state of Mississippi. However, I have always wanted to go into Nursing I just did... Read More

  1. by   Coffee Nurse
    Quote from jabraham99
    My advice if its worth anything at all is DON'T DO IT!!! Stay in your job. As a previous poster stated, the grass is always greener!
    By that logic, no one should ever change jobs, much less fields, no matter how their interests might evolve as they grow. Sounds like the OP is not relying on an uninformed, "grass is greener" impression of nursing, but planning to do some investigation before making any moves.
  2. by   Noel1221
    Thank you everyone all your replies! I have to say that now that I have been in my desk job for a year, I am so thrilled to be pursing Nursing. I have never wanted anything more and have been working hard at all my pre-req. I will quit my full time job in the Summer of 2010 and will finish up the rest of my BSN-pre-reqs! I never thought I would do well at anything science related and to my suprise I came out with the highest A&P 1 lab grade out of my entire community college that semester . I am looking forward to the adventure they call Nursing School, and will be very happy to be out my desk job. I feel confident that I gave my Desk Job the benefit of the doubt and have worked hard at it, but I came to the realization that I look forward to going to my Pre-req classes and reading this website (the good, the bad, and the ugly parts) way more than I have ever enjoyed being here! I hope I can get into school by the Spring of 2011!! Thank you to all of you for the advice, I really have considered everyones thoughts, and they have all help me get to this point!
  3. by   cbwickham
    I just read this conversation and I'm curious how its going to for you now? Are you in nursing school or atleast still pursuing?
  4. by   Lucky724
    Go for it - better to try than not