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Any advice at all would be helpful! My situation: I started a LTC prn position as RN this week. I have never worked in a nursing home as a nurse before, and I told the hiring manager this. She... Read More

  1. by   PamUK
    I was in a similar situation many years ago. Although I had worked in LTC for a few years, I took this job working night shift in, what I thought was, a great facility. It was awful. We started getting the residents up at 4 am. We had to have them all up, washed and breakfasted by the time the day crew came in at 8. Four of us for, I think, 40 highly dependent residents. Absolutely inhumane. I had no qualms about telling the MAtron, when she arrived at 8:30 that I would not be returning for my 2nd shift and my reasons. Had there been a regulatory body for LTC, at the time, I would have called them too

    Hope you didn't go back.