Should I do it?

  1. I have a good chance of a new position in our regional hospital. Right now I worked in a the community (23 beds). I am the only nurse on duty-have a lot of freedom but there is no chance of promotion or post-graduate training-the pay is pretty poor compared to the hospital. This would be a chance to increase my experience. But I am scared of the move-that it will take sometime to settle in and that I might not be up to the same standard as hospital nurses. If I stay at the other place-things will remain the same.
    What should I do? Take the chance or stay with the familiar.:spin:
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Do you mean you have to move to another house also?

    Make a list of pros and cons for yourself.
    Try to think of everything that could possibly go right/wrong.

    Give it some time and go back and look at your list again.

    Decide what is more important to you and weight each item on the
    list accordinglly.

    What is the worst that could happen?

    What is the best that could happen?

    Are you willing to take the consequenses either way?

    Also, it is great if you can actually speak to nurses who will be honest
    in telling you their expereinces at the place you are considering.
    There can be things going on that you never even dreamed could
    be happening (good or bad).