Should I become a nurse or a teacher? - page 3

I am currently a sophmore in college and I either want to apply for nursing or teacher in the upcoming fall. I am confused as to what I should do. The thing i like about teaching is that I will... Read More

  1. by   nicuRN2007
    If you can't decide, become a nursing instrucctor. Lord knows we need 'em!
  2. by   zenman
    I'm a nurse (30 yrs) with a teacher wife. If you want adventure here's something to consider - teach overseas. This is our first year overseas and I wish I knew about this in my 20's. My wife teaches in an American International School and I'm a school nurse. Being a school nurse was never anything I'd considered before as I don't like kids under college age. Luckily that's where mine are! However, my position is a lot of fun as the little critters are so funny. Every teacher I talk to say they would never teach again in the USA. I may never return to the US either except to visit. While each American International School (they are in almost every country) may be slightly different, we have it so good. My wife makes more than me (isn't that a switch) and I make one third of the 90+K I made in the US..and where I had trouble saving a dollar. However, we have a 2,500 sq. ft, 3BR, 3bath We have a car with US Embassy plates (we are non-diplomatic members) that costs us $600 a year including gas, oil, all maintenance, etc.. We have a driver who ...we pay $100 a month and he's so happy with his life. We have a bearer/cook who makes the same and who cooks, cleans, goes to market, etc.. He's also a happy fellow. I'm happy also as I don't have to worry as much about keeping people alive all my 12 hour shift and then trying to sleep during the day. I go to work with my wife and I love all the school holidays. We are going to travel to surrounding countries every chance we get. In October, we will go to Kathmandu for 7 days for a cost...hotel, air, meals of $800 for two. Am I a happy fellow?? When I wanted a DVD, TV, microwave and other electrical appliances, a fellow delivered it all to our house and came back days later for payment. Just now 7 guys dropped off a wardrobe that was hand made. I'm having a king size bed made out of bamboo which will be a hit of about $130 USD. My wife shops like crazy as you can imagine. The main thing I don't like is the stone age internet here and the lack of my favorite foods. As a nurse, I will not have quite the opportunities as my wife as there are probably not as many nurse positions open but we can live on one salary here. I'm also doing a post-masters FNP program. So, if you want adventure and get paid (we get paid in USD) to go to different countries, you might want to consider teaching. There are 40 different cultures in our school with mostly American teachers.