Should Drs have directives for behavior?

  1. At my facility, like all facilities, there are certain docs no one wants to call. The ones who are nasty because they just dont care, the ones that cuss, the ones that yell, the ones that are sarcastic or patronizing. In a surprising turn on of my worst docs in respect to this issue has turned a corner and is, as a chairman of many dr's commitees, leading the way in drs behavior guidelines! While sometimes drs are called with stupid things, or arent called when a situation definitly warrants it (Id never want the job after watching what most of the good ones go through) and have some justifiable anger, many are simply rude.. When A particularly nsty surgeon screamed me out over the phone a few weeks ago i waited til he was done and then paused before in a quiet and controlled tone, "Well, that took a lot of your time, it is 1130pm I am getting paid for a while yet and dont mind sitting here , but if your done being rude to me perhaps I can ask what i called about and let you get back to the other better things you seem to have wating for you right now. " I could tell he was rather shocked, he is one no one ever says anything back to and handled the problem, but he tried to nail me later on, and ended up getting a warning from a group of docs in our facility for "A history of poor behavior" Bravo, score one for nurses, any one else have another positive example of dicipline or verbal reprimands for abusive docs?
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have an excellent example. but short on time. Will post it soon. I did get satisfaction, let's just say.
  4. by   shoelace
    I get so tired of doctors who say, "Bolus with 500cc of whatever" or "Give some Dilaudid" but then don't clarify or give me a dosage, etc.

    So now whenever they say something asinine like that, I reply, "So, shall I write that as an order then?"

    It always works... the ones who knee-jerk respond "yes" always do a little
    double-take and say "wait... what?" To which I reply, "What you said - give a 500cc bolus of whatever."

    I swear sometimes they get so irritated when they have to spell things out, but that's sort of their, you know, JOB. As an RN, it's not in my scope of practice to prescribe, even if I know exactly what they're going to order.