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    Im sure everybody knows by now that I am shadowing a nurse for my shadow kid job. Well its been 1 month since I found out that I could do it and weve only got 3 more weeks of school after this. Im worried that I wont be able to do it because my dumb counselor is to lazy to call the hospital and ask if any of the nurses would do it. If I had to shadow one of yall how many of yall would let me? Because im worried that the nurses dont want to do it. And Ive waited to do it for the whole schoolyear and I guess I got my hopes up but my teacher said that I would but I dont see how with only 3 more weeks left of school and guess what? Then I will be a freshman in high school. Oh yea I cant do any college prep courses this coming up year in 9th grade. Hold on and let me get my sheet and explain it to yall. Ok My math courses for 9th grade will be...... applied problem solving. For 10th grade it will be Applied Algebra. For 11th grade I will take Geometry or Mathematical Money Management and for 12th grade it will be Algebra 2. Ok Is that enough for me to become a nurse even though I wont be in college prep classes. I would LOVE to be able to go to the University of Florida which of course is a 4 year college. This is driving me crazy. And we have to have 22 credits to graduate high school which i dont understand but thats my life.
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    I am currently in nursing school, not quite an RN yet. I do work in a hospital though. Your question about shadowing is a good one. If your guidence counsler isn't following through call the hospital that you are interested in working in. Ask for the nurse manager and explain your situation. I'm sure they can steer you in the right direction and will probably be the one that assigns you to an RN anyways. With your question about what classes to take to prepair for nursing school. Contact that university and ask for a listing of what they require. You don't want to have to pay for these classes in college to catch up. Do them now in high school while they are free. Hope this helps!