Hi folks, Im here for a bit of advice, I hope someone can help. Long story short.... Im a senior nursing student (4 yr program), single mom, working 2 jobs to get through school. The passing grade... Read More

  1. by   kimmie518
    This situation depends on a few factors.

    It is up to the college themselves to deem whether the policies that are in place when you began will carry throughout your education. If your college has in writing (ie., handbook) stating policy against any changes as such, then yeah, they're in the wrong- do whatever you have to do.

    If there's nothing in writing that guaranted you the same policies as you entered the program, or if they told you prior to the semester about the change- then you're out of luck. Take it over.
  2. by   WinksRN
    Quote from MS._Jen_RN
    The classes required to complete the program are different to being told, I assume at the begining of a semester, that you have to have a certian grade in the class and then not making the grade.
    Although I think that the OP's situation is a bummer, if she knew from the begining of the semester that the expectation had changed then she should have changed her study habits/actions to ensure that she made the grade expectation. I'm not trying to be harsh. In the "real world" expectations change all the time. If one is given fair notice (ie, told at the begining of the semester) there should be nothing to challange. If this was implemented in the middle of the semester that is a whole different story.
    Just my
    Yes expectations change all the time but not at the expense of wasting 40 grand with no hope of more aid. This is clearly a policy that does not have to be written in stone and can be modified for the seniors only considering their student loans and that is just wrong, and the real world isnt always right especially when the rules sometimes only apply to the less fortunate and less important. FIGHT THAT GIRL EVEN IF YOU cAN GET IT WRITTEN UP IN THE PAPER.
  3. by   sweetcakes59
    No matter how frustrated or worn out you are, Dont give up, stick to your guns, PRAY alot, if you are sure you have exhausted all the avenues you can and still have not resolved the issue then hire an Attorney( i hate to say it but sometimes there is no other way)what do you have to lose?Good luck to you!