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  1. AMNEA (American Medical and Nursing Education Association) is a new organization dedicated to offering nursing training in Asian area. Currently we are specifically focusing on offering training courses to nurses working in People-s Republic of China. The training is based on the standard of RN--- we are using syllabus and textbooks for NCLEX-RN and in the meantime we are conveying American nursing culture.

    Currently we need one or two retired RN to visit Beijing, China for around a week to give general introduction on American nursing culture and answer some related questions. Of course, most of the time the RN will be arranged for a free tour around Beijing ( we will offer the round-trip plane ticket from and back to U.S.A).

    Would you please pass the message and see which RN is interested in the short journey? Then you or the person can contact us through e-mail. We'll disscuss about it in detail.

    We really appreciate your help
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  3. by   bellehill
    The nursing programs in this country are full and turning people away, why are you going to China to train nurses? There are plenty of people who want training here.
  4. by   gwenith
    Would you be interested in Australian Nurses as well? This sounds like a wonderful idea. We have some regular member from Beijig and south east- asia but mostly they post in the Australian forum.
  5. by   ainz
    Sounds great!! It should be the interest of every nurse, American, Chinese, Australian, etc., etc., to do what they can to help stop human suffering from disease, poor social conditions, and so on. I am not retired but an experienced nurse in many roles. I would love to go to China and talk about nursing with anyone interested. If you want to talk to me further please email me. Thanks.
  6. by   cindyzheng811
    Dear Ainz, I have sent you e-mail, please check your mailbox. If you didn't receive it, please let me know
  7. by   angelbear
    I think the idea of sharing our knowledge is always a good one. Good luck in your quest. Sorry I am not an RN but best wishes.