Second Degree in Nursing?

  1. I am so confused. I graduated from college with a BS in Psychology then discovered that it was NOT what I had thought it was and I do not even really enjoy this field :uhoh21: Honestly, I HATE my job and I don't get paid enough (I'm working a high stress social work type job where NOTHING you ever do is good enough, negative/hostile work environment with TONS of paperwork, angry parents, sometimes dangerous clients for only $21,525 a year!):angryfire I did not go to school for so many years for this crap. So...I have been thinking about going back to school and entering the Second Degree option for BSN. It is an accelerated 16 month route to a BSN for people who already have a degree in another field. I had always been interested in nursing but felt that the classes would be too hard and that I may not have the physical endurance. However, I do know that the pay is decent and I like the idea of being able to work 3 12-hour shifts then getting the rest of the week off. It also appealed to me the opportunity for continued education/advancements and the excitement of the job. That was...until I have been reading some of the things you all have been saying. I understand that all jobs have their bad points but is nursing really and truly such a bad field to go into? I cannot risk wasting any more time getting another useless degree that I will only end up hating just like my first degree. I am just wondering if there are any people on here who went back to school to get a nursing degree and if they are happy in that decision. Also any feedback whatsoever would be wonderful. If I decide to go through with this second degree program I would need to take 3 prereq classes in January, enter the program in Aug '06 and graduate with BSN Dec '07. I can't work during this time because of the "intensity" of the program. I want to know if my efforts and lack of pay for that 16 months would be worth it or if I should just keep looking for a different job in the field I already have a degree in. Any feedback appreciated.
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  3. by   GingerSue
    [Quote BlndBtrfly]: I had always been interested in nursing but felt that the classes would be too hard and that I may not have the physical endurance.[Quote]

    the classes are not too hard, just stick to a study routine
    the activity is good overall
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    I completely understand what you are going through, because I have the same degree, a BS in Psychology, and the same type of job, and I even make pretty close to the same amount! I do enjoy my job to a certain degree, but the stress does not equal the pay:angryfire !

    I entered an ASN program due to the need to work during school (I live at home and pay tuition out of pocket because of this), and it is a VERY good idea to have those prereqs my program they don't have to be, but I found it is very beneficial to have them done. Nursing classes are intense, but not impossible....studying for them is very different though than for Psych. I bought an NCLEX book, and our tests are formatted that way, and it is a HUGE HELP in how the nursing tests are worded.

    Nursing has a lot of paperwork, and it seems like it is very hard work too, but there seem to be so many opportunities to be in a position where you want, not just bedside but also in occupational settings, psych facilities, etc. I was talking to another nurse with a BSN who is a nurse manager and mentioned that even with our psych bachelors degrees that would count vs. the BSN for some positions.

    I finally feel like I found what I was looking for, with nursing, and hopefully you'll like it too!!! If you have any questions send me a pm! Thanks
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    I just sent you a pm AMGNurse!
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    I also have a BA in Psychology and am in an 18 month "fast track" BSN program. I have worked as a nursing assistant for 2 years and I know there are alot of downsides to the job. Sometimes I question my decision but I am hanging in there because I really want to be a nurse. I hope to be a NP when I am finished with school.

    Good Luck to you!

  7. by   cherylnj81
    I also have a BA in Psychology and was in graduate school for social work but dropped out during the first semester once hearing all the horror stories of MSW's in actual practice. I have gained quite an interest in nursing because it seems like a more structured, concrete way of helping people with their lives, and it seems it would be a lot more exciting to me b/c of the intensity in certain settings.

    Anyway I applied to regular 2nd degree nursing programs (not accelerated) cause I don't have the lab courses I need to do an accelerated program. I am hoping I will get in one or on a short wiatlist and in the meantime am considering being a nurse's aide to make sure this is absolutely what I want to do. This time I have to pay for any education I get and I am being a bit more careful lol
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    Do IT! You won't be sorry... make sure u talk to other students that have gone 2 the school. Do your research, then jump in! I love it! I have my BS in Health Ed... the school I'm at came highly recommended 2 me from another student on this board.
    I find that I have to stay right on top of things all the time & have had to become a VERY organized student! (my PDA has helped)! I'm in 2nd sem already (program is 12m BSN). The suggestions here are great ones n(the ones from other students)
    Good luck!
  9. by   AshLa81
    Hey thanks everyone for the feedback! I am wondering something...since I do not have the prereq's of Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology to get into the 2nd Degree program...I will have to take those next semester and then start the accelerated BSN in aug. I could work next semester while working on the prereqs but I know that once I begin the accelerated program I won't be able to work since the program IS your full time job. How has everyone doing the accelerated programs been able to make it financially? Will the student loans compensate for the inability to work during those months? I am just worried what if I cannot afford to do the accelerated BSN? My parents helped me while I was an undergrad but now that I have graduated from college they pretty much figure I need to be able to support my own self now!