Scrub material for sewing

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know of a good website to buy material to sew scrubs? I'm looking for OB type prints. We have a JoAnn fabrics where I live but they don't sell scrub material. I have found some cute stuff at walmart but would like more of a selection.
    Does anyone else out there make there own scrubs?
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  3. by   soundsLikesirens
    I've thought about it......but frankly, with the price of fabric, I figured it'd be more expensive.

    Hice Sewing has scrub tops for $10 (even prints). You wouldn't be saving that much (if any) money.....not to mention your time. I just don't have time, although, I don't think it would be difficult to make a scrub top.
  4. by   Chuckie
    I mail order all my scrubs
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  5. by   MRed94
    Ma makes all of mine, and she finds really good stuff at the stores mentioned....

    We also have a Ben Franklin Crafts that has good fabric.

    Dunno about sites, tho.

    Try a search for it, maybe...?

  6. by   Dave123
    Because I am a guy and there is very little out there for us guys, I have been having my scrubs made for years now. The place i go to is Walmart. They usually have a lot. It usually takes 4 yds for top and bottoms.

    I have all sorts now, from John Deere tractor scrubs to NASCAR and even camo scrubs. I will say that I was really surprised by the great response from my patients, both young and old in the ER on my scrubs.

    As for cost you are going to pay more to make them. But I do it because I want something different, simply because I am different.

  7. by   canna42
    I make some of my own also. Mostly for variety and fun. I like thicker pockets . It is also cheaper to make my own lab coats and they last a whole lot longer than any I have gotten from HICE. I have not had any trouble finding fabric at wal-mart but I have had trouble finding knit to match for cuffs. I usually end up using white knit and spray the heck out of it with scotchguard spray ha ha ha. Watch for end of season halloween fabric after halloween etc...can get it for half price.
  8. by   kaylynn
    Although I like to sew, I find I can sometimes find scrubs for almost the same as what it would cost to make them. There are many companies now on the web and I can find nearly everything I want at great prices. One good source I found is

    If you've found a good scrub company on the web, let me know.
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  9. by   night owl
    I'd love to make my own scrub jackets...If only I could sew! They have so many beautiful prints out there. I mean, how hard could they be to make? The Christmas prints are really pretty.