School suggestions would be appreciated

  1. I am hoping some one here can help me are guide me . I am a 26 year old married mother of 2 who is almost a senior in college{sociology}. I have been out of shool for a year since the birth of my dd in 2002. i want to go to nursing school, but boy do i feel crazy, like i have waste so many years in a field then , jumping ship now. Well i was thinking of going to a LPN school that is ran by a hospital out here for 13 months, then register in to ADN program which says my LPN experience may cut my 2 years in to 1 not to mention i most like have all the pre req since I am a college student. IS it worth it ? Should i just do the ADN now, really would like to get foot wet, not to mention the school is an 8-5 school for lecture, and 6:45- 3:30 for clinicals. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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  3. by   redwinggirlie
    I don't think the LPN classes will have much of a different schedule, Dee, so that might not be a factor in your decision. As far as getting your feet wet, you'll get them wet in clinicals, but the real meat comes when you get your license. I'm orienting to my unit as a new grad and will be learning for a loooooooooong time. I'm glad I went the ADN route as that was where I wanted to be. So, figure out your ultimate goal, and go for it!
  4. by   Godswill
    HI red wing, u know the class schedule was sort of a factor for me with this LPN program, most of them i have seen u can go in the fall or spring semester, and it last about 18 months u go on certain days and take certain classes. This one is a straight 8-5 class schedule( hospital based), it not like the other ones. At least this is how the program comes off. The ADN program i would be going in will be like how it was when i was getting my bachelors, i guess i just figured something more straight forward and everyday may be what i need. Thank for your suggestion I do want MY ADN, guess i have more thinking to do
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    If you really want your LPN, I say go for it, but consider the long-term options available as well. *If* you're interested and *if* you're able, you should consider just getting the RN right off the bat. Being an LPN is wonderful, and I know many LPN's who love their jobs, but remember that in many places the work you're going to be doing is similar or the same to that of an RN, as far as tasks, patient loads, and responsibility are concerned, but you'll be making a lot less money. You said that the LPN program was just over a year, and then if you go back to get the RN it'll be another year, so have you considered just going directly into the ADN program, which should be two years, and coming out with your RN without having to go through LPN testing, etc.? Just a thought for you to chew on.

    Whatever you decide, I think I can safely say that despite how the program is set up (hours and such), ANY nursing program is vastly different from the type of classes you're taking for your BSN now, even if the lectures appear to be set up the same.

    I agree that you have more thinking to do. Consider all your options, and of course, choose the one that is most suitable to you. If you're interested in getting your feet wet, there are more than a few things you can do (including shadowing, working as a tech or CNA, getting another ancillary job in a hospital, as well as all the experience you'll get in clinicals, etc.). Let us know what you decide!