School Starting Soon! Freaking OUT!

  1. Okay!
    My nursing program is starting soon (pre-req's all done!) ... I'm getting freaked.
    I've been an aide FOREVER and I'm really nervous about making the next step... becoming a nurse.
    So many people tell me I'll make an excellent nurse. I have been one awesome aide and extremely proud of my reputation and my abilities as an aide. I have been repeatedly told I am a "role model" and I take my job very seriously... always have.
    I'm very calm under pressure and always try to be as professional as possible.
    I am very efficient, am good at prioritizing and know when to ask questions.
    I get very excited learning new things.
    HOWEVER, that is in the capacity as an aide.
    It is not the same as a nurse. I have never thought, "I'm such a good aide, I could easily be a nurse!"
    In fact, I have always been intimidated and awed by the amount of responsibility nurses have.
    But now, I'm stepping up to the plate.
    I plan on keeping my mouth shut and going with the flow, even if I am re-learning (at least in the very beginning) things I already know.
    I guess, I just need some encouragement! I have been an aide sooo long!
    Will my great long stint as an aide really be that helpful... or could it possibly hinder me?
    I know being a nurse is damn hard work, but I'm going for it.
    Any advice or encouragement would be nice to hear!
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    Ok, BREATHE.

    That's honestly my number one thing to every new student, and (when you get there) every soon-to-be NCLEX test-taker.

    Calm yourself. You got this far, congrats!! You are there to learn, no one expects you to know anything now. Don't take on the "role model" role; you are a student who is there to be educated.

    Read what is assigned. Find a study partner or two; don't get caught up in big study groups--they rarely work out well. One or two more people (a pair, total of three, maybe four) is it. If the study arrangement isn't working, say so and form another partnership. Time is valuable!

    Pay attention in class, take good notes. Get yourself a personal recorder if you're one who likes to listen and watch rather than write. I used to do that, then transcribe from the recording later, at home, so I did have a good written log of everything too

    Ask questions for clarity. But don't argue: nursing instructors aren't fans of "but my aunt's a nurse/paramedic/etc, and SHE says..."!

    Did I mention BREATHE?
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    I have no intention on being a role model in class! LOL!
    I think that would be the kiss of death!
    It's just hard to hear that that people expect soooo much from you.
    I would feel like a complete fool if I failed.
  5. by   PreRN Katie
    I'm not a nurse yet so I don't know much, but I think you will make a fantastic nurse! I think your experience as an aide will most definitely help you, not hurt you. You obviously want to take the best care of your patients that you possibly can, and that seems like the most important thing to me. Good luck, you'll do great!!!
  6. by   dollphyn
    As someone who started out as a medical assistant, then a unit tech, then a unit secretary and now a registered nurse, I know exactly where you are coming from. Just know that your first semester more than likely will be a review for you, like it was for me. You said it best when you said that you will keep your mouth shut and learn, even if you already know it. You may surprise yourself and be taught a new way to take a blood pressure from your instructor in the first semester, etc....

    For me, I do not want to stay stagnant. That is why I wanted to continue with my education. I thank my last six years background of being a tech and already in the medical field, for molding me into the nurse that I am today. You will get there, too! You just have to stick to it and not let anything or anyone stand in your way. I applaud you for continuing and wish you the best of luck in your future.
  7. by   ks8552
    Please Please i am a student in the school of nursing, and i need help learning how to do reconstitution math im not getting a graps of the information... can some one help me
    thank u
  8. by   Hygiene Queen
    And I do realize, also, I will be having to look at the things I am familiar with now from a whole new perspective... that of the nurse.
    It is a bit intimidating to think that if I get some wacky vitals, I will no longer just defer it to the nurse... I WILL be the nurse, and I better know what to do about it.
    It will be weird for me. Even if I had a clue something wasn't right, and I was dead-on about it, I had to keep that to myself and run it by the nurse... her opinion is what mattered, not mine. My opinion and my actions, after I have that "RN", will make or break me.
    It's a whole new mind set!
  9. by   CaLLaCoDe
    The transition from having been an aide to the now a nurse is an amazing journey!

    You will grow leaps and bounds!!! Your aware of things most new newbie nursing students are unaware of!!!

    You will be amazed how much you have gleaned from being an aide; I echo the comments from others however, it is vital that you don't act too knowledgeable about stuff and hang low, remember who your instructor is and do tread lightly on those picky Toes! Don't ever ever ever and I mean ever correct an instructor, on pain of death don't!

    Note to KS8552: find a tutor quick!!!! Humble thyself and go to your instructor and plead your cause!!!!