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    [FONT=Bookman Old Style]I am a prenursing student currently living in Illinois and I really need help with deciding what to do about school. I could apply for the LPN program at my community college and then bridge into ASN RN then to RN to BSN program at a later time. This would be the cheapest way to finish nursing school without taking out a lot of student loans. The problem is that I will have to cut my down to 20 hours a week at my current job and which would take a hit on my husband and I financially because we live in the most expensive county in Illinois. This route in the long run would take much longer to get my BSN. My husband is scared that if I go this route through nursing school this way that life would get of the way of finishing my BSN for example having children, buying a home ect.. The other option would be to move to Indiana (rent is way cheaper and would wrok as a CNA 20 hours a week) and go to my first choice private school for a BSN program that would take my about 2 ½ to complete. There is draw back to this also including moving out of state and lots of student loan debt. I am also one of those people who doesn't to finish anything. I am also really scared of failure; can't afford to fail at a private BSN program. I could really use some advice on what to do please help.
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    I would check out Nursing schools in MN, WI and IA. Best of luck....