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  1. I know I should probably post this on the student board, but what the heck

    I need some help with some certain Collaborative Problems that occur PostOperatively..

    Renal Failure.... I need Signs/Symptoms and Nursing measures

    Peritonitis... Just need signs/symptoms

    Dehiscence... Signs/Symptoms, Nursing measures

    Evisceration.. Signs/Symptoms, nursing measures

    The books I have are horrible..

    Thanks for any help
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    MY friend, PM me and I will try to help you that way. This stuff is WAY too involved and complicated to just post here. It will take paragraphs.......and perhaps while I am at it, I will give you a good reference for NURSING CARE PLANS by Doenges that will help immeasurably. If you don't have a good care plan book get it won't survive long w/o it. Let me know what I can do...good luck!
  4. by   boggle
    EEEk nurse to be! What texts are you using?

    I have a Phipps and an Ignatavicius Med-Surg texts that have clear info, but you have to look in the index under "Wound" not "Evisceration" or "Dehiscence".

    I hope another search of the index helps you find what you need. Good Luck!