scared to lift pts..what job would be best?

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    I just graduated as an LPN and all through nursing school I was afraid to lift pts by myself. I was always told I would have to ask for help..but nobody ever seemed to be around when I needed the help or when a pt absolutely couldn't hold it anymore! Can you relate? While i was doing clinicals in a nursing home, I saw nurses and stnas smaller than me transferring pts and wondered how in the world?? once I lifted a pt who looked frail and small enough, but boy she felt like she was 400 lbs dead weight!! She was shaking and very unstable, not to mention nervous about me being able to hold her up. I started to sweat and almost dropped her. everytime i asked for help, i got "i cant..ask for so and so"(who was nowhere to be found) or "cant you do it alone" or "i do it by myself" or "siiiigghhh"...i became less confident. Can someone please recommend a job where i wouldn't have to transfer patients as often? I love nursing but can't seem to get into a job as a new nurse unless its in a nursing home. I know there has to be someone out there who can help point me in a better direction. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    There are behavioral health units that only accept walkie-talkies and seem to be LVN friendly when it comes to employment.
  4. by   raindrops1234
    You get better at transferring patients the more you do it (and when you actually learn the technique). That being said....there are those patients that you will always need help (ie. the 300 lb patient or the iittle old lady who is combative). Ultimately, it is your responsibility to get help when needed. DO NOT RISK HURTING YOUR BACK. You only have one.....and as a nurse in the future you will have to delegate which may include asking for assistance.

    I feel like this should not be difficult imo.
  5. by   Luckyyou
    I could hold my intubated patient with one hand and change linen with the other in the NICU, it was great. No LPNs though.