scared of moving on....

  1. Hi Guys!
    I've been an RN for almost 2 years now, and I work in a pretty small hospital with vent patients w/multisystem failures. I love the patients but I hate the family members sometimes because they can be the worst, I love the people I work with but I cannot stand the management and administration. They push the nurses to have a load of 8-9 patients!!! its horrible. I've been getting into fights with my nurse manager and charge nurse because I refuse to take care of 8 patients! its too much, we have antib., accuchecks, dsgs and family members up to our butts!
    I am planning to leave in the summer after I finish my BSN but I don't think I can last any longer sometimes. I feel like walking out of there sometimes. I am so scared that if I go to other places it will be worst. I want to work in a trauma floor and deal with other type of patients, maybe some that will not die all the time. Its hard because if I would not get so many patients things will be better. I am still confused and frustrated because I don't feel confident sometimes to go to a unit or some other special area. I am a good nurse I know it but why I feel so scared???
    well, that's all I wanted to share, thank you for listening
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  3. by   2banurse
    You ask why you should feel so about the fact that you are being stretched beyond normal standards and because you care so much about your patients, you know that you won't be able to give them the care they need. Not to mention that if something happens, it's your license...that is scary. I see that you live in the Tampa Bay area (me too...but further south than Tampa), there have to be other opportunities. You seem to be a good nurse, at least you care...don't be afraid to move on.

    Good luck!

  4. by   Genista
    Most people are afraid of moving on, but don't let that stop you. It sounds like things are pretty miserable where you work now. Please remember, no matter how bad it is, don't burn any bridges. Try to leave in a professional manner, on good terms. But start looking at other places that interest you. Of course, it is 100% normal to lack confidence when you are learning a new area. But think of the possibilities! Ask around & find out what other hospitals offer (ratios, pay, shifts, training).What do you have to lose? Nothing! (You hate where you work now, right?).

    I only worked 1 year at my 1st med/surg job, and part of why I left the place was the staffing ratios were too high. It was a tiny 80 bed rural hospital that I started out at. I started off my shift with 6 patients and went up to 8-10 patients as the admits rolled in. It was unsafe, and I felt management could care less. I finally came in one shift, and when I saw once again that I was started off with 8 patients, and decided I had enough of that place! Within a week I had secured a job offer at a nearby 200 bed reputable hospital, and after putting in my 2 week notice, I was out of that understaffed scary med/surg floor. I liked the staff at that first job, but you have to live your own life. Change can be good. And yes, I was scared stiff about going to the so called "high tech" larger trauma center, but I was also excited!

    If you want to work in a safer environment, then start looking for that new job right now. I'm sure there are plenty of nice folks working at the better staffed hospitals who would be happy to have you. It's amazing what a patient load reduction of 1-2 patients will do to your attitude. I now work at a hospital in which the most patients I care for on med/surg floors is 5-6 (rarely 6). It's still crazy a lot of times, but nowhere near as insane as 8-10 patients.

    Good luck in your search! Remember, it's normal for you to feel afraid & nervous, when trying something new. But it can also be a time of excitement and hope. Most of us feel that way when entering new areas. Best wishes
  5. by   Sally_ICURN
    Originally posted by Pamelita
    Hi Guys!
    I've been an RN for almost 2 years now, and I work in a pretty small hospital with vent patients w/multisystem failures. They push the nurses to have a load of 8-9 patients!!! its horrible.
    Horrible is an understatement! I too have been an RN for about 2 years and can barely manage 2 patients on ventilators with multisystem failures! And that's knowing I have help from another RN(s) if I need it. I mean geeze, these patients have multiple IV drips to be titrated and are usually hemodynamically unstable! How on earth is any one nurse to care for 8-9 of this type of patient?!?!

    I feel for you and the patients and I understand your feelings about families, but feel for them too.

    All this and you are taking classes as well!! Get out of there, but don't walk out (that could be construed as abondonment). I know nothing about nursing in Florida but there must be something else?

    Good luck to you. Take care of yourself and don't burn out before you've begun. Nursing needs you.

  6. by   duckie
    I was once in a job where I was over worked, highly stressed, and afraid to move on. I ended up having a nervous breakdown and didn't work for nearly 6 months, we almost lost everything. PLEASE don't let this happen to you!!!!! A good nurse, which it sounds like you are, can adjust and does. You will do fine but putting your license and sanity on the line is not worth it. I cannot say that I am never stressed at my current job BUT the folks I work for are so much better about helping in a pinch, why our house supervisor has even voluntered to work as a CNA because of call ins at times. You cannot ask for better than that. As a matter of fact, many times us nurses work as CNA's if need be, it's called team work and we do work together. Don't stay where you're not appreciated and do something good for YOU!!!!! I wish you luck. Duckie