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  1. Hi All,

    I have been a member since February and have enjoyed reading all the posts. Your personalities are wide, diverse, and wonderful! You have inspired me, made me laugh and have brought tears to my baby blues and it has been great getting to 'know' you. Now it's my turn.

    I am entering Health Care as a second career. 44 years YOUNG, two sons who live with the ex for three years now, it's a guy thing but it works for this family, and I live with my sig other.

    Ten years ago I worked as a Dialysis tech and absolutely loved it. Wanted to go to school for RN but timing, ex, family req'ts were too difficult and my desire and goal had to take a back seat.

    Now is the time and I'm on my way! I've been accepted into a Licensed Nursing Assistant training program at a Level One Trauma and Teaching Medical Center and will be working in a Med/Surg unit immediatley after I get my LNA license. I'll be doing the clinical part of my training on the unit where I will be working. I think that's pretty cool!

    In September I'll be starting a three-year evening ADN program. My plans include BSN but will do the ADN route first.

    My user name, Sisu, is the Finnish word for 'inner strength'. That seems to be a quality which runs deeply in all the members here and I look forward to sharing my own with all of you.

    'Til next time...

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  3. by   micro
    44 years young..........go for it.............hi back
  4. by   nursemicke
    Hey young thing. I was 54 when I became an RN. Go for it. Older students usually do very well. The first semester I just prayed I would make C's and not be embarrassed. To my surprise, I made 4.0. Surprised my freshmen daughter too. Ha!
  5. by   zumalong
    Hi back at ya Sisu

    Glad to see another face entering nursing.

    Going to school can be tough--but remember to set aside time for yourself each week.:kiss