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Hey I just saw on the news that a thousand people have been quarentined at a hospital in Toronto! Do you all know anything about this? I hope our Toronto members are alright. Is this virus... Read More

  1. by   oramar
    One question, is the WHO advisory about Toronto or all of Canada? I am asking because if a similar problem occurs in NY or San Fransisco I am wondering if they will make advisory about whole country or state by state. I will stick with the CDC advisory in both cases, I think they have better understanding of the people and geograpy.
  2. by   steven44121
    It is for Toronto. It is to be revisited this Tuesday.
    I have changed my vacation plans. Now planning on spending a few days in a nice hotel downtown T.O., take in The Lion King, take the ferry to the islands and head to china town for dinner.
  3. by   sixes
    good morning everyone.

    torontorn -

    thank you for replying to my question. i will keep in mind that newspapers are really self serving and that the bottom line most times is to sell papers.
    i have no magic trick to posting links. i just very carefully jot down on paper what the ?url is. it appears either in the address line or on the toolbar(grey) part at the bottom of the screen and then i carefully type them in one by one . i know there is a way to copy them but i am computor stupid and can't figure it out.
    perhaps one of our more knowledgeable friends on the board could give us step by step instructions for us beginners. they also seem to be able to copy the story onto the board also.

    thank you for the link it was very interesting.

    i think you should think a little about the travel ban i con't know where your from, but this is having a huge impact on the economy and our health care. there are millions of people being affected by this. china town in toronto is suffering unnecessarily(sp?). very sick people are being deprieved of their loved ones,many more who are waiting life saving treatments are on hold(although it seems to be easing)i personally don't believe that a travel ban is necessary. there have been no community transmissions in the last 19 days or so. also ever confirmed sars case can be linked to the clusters from one hospital where the people brought the disease back with them from china.

    last of all in my opinion, unless you plan on visiting one of the hospitals, you are more likely to be run over by a cab or struck by lightening, our be mugged then to catch sars while visiting toronto.

    reviews a go

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  4. by   Scotty
    My hospital had a suspected SARS case the other day, a false alarm. I only heard about it through the media. I thought it would scare me but it didn't. Maybe because we've just moved from a crumbling Victorian pile to brand new facilities with proper isolation rooms and not a moment too soon.

    Have you read about the new avian 'flu bug in Europe? Doesn't seem to be a problem for humans (except for the poor vet). It's on the WHO website.
  5. by   ainitfunny
    please do not get mad at me for saying this. i do know that 99% of you already know this but there may be just one person who does not know who could be saved from making a mistake.

    if you are given access to two types of n-95 masks, never, never put the kind with the little valve on the front on a potentially infected person to try to limit contagion from them. the kind with the little plastic valve on the front is only for healthy people, because it allows all the wearers germs to be freely exhaled unfiltered.
  6. by   sixes
    Thank you for the important information. You founf someone who didn't know this. I don't have much experience in the hospital setting as i worked in home care. The only infections I had to worry about was VRE and MRSA.
  7. by   fergus51

    Interesting post, but it leaves out one of the factors WHO supposedly looks at when doing a travel advisory: community trnasmission. So far all the SARS cases are traced back to the original and transmission has only occured in health care facilities, homes of the infected and among a religious group sharing close quarters. There has been basically no casual transmissions to the general public so tourists are not considered at risk of getting SARS!!! If WHO suggested that health care workers and those at risk of getting SARS should not travel I think no one would disagree. The issue with WHO is that they are spreading unecessary hysteria about a disease. Even the CDC disagrees with their advisory so I don't think this is a Canadian political issue like you imply. The CDC has a lot more respect in my book than Mel Lastman.

    Secondly, the world does not have to cooperate with WHO, because an ADVISORY is not a quarantine order. WHO simply doesn't have that authority and they aren't doing anything in combatting SARS. They are not in charge of anything relating to Canadian or American public health policy. The ministry of health and health care wokers here are the ones working to contain this outbreak. We aren't letting tourists come in and hang out with the SARS patients or anything. If tourists are here to see a musical and stay in a hotel room can you tell me how they are going to get SARS? If I believed for a second that the general population was at risk I wouldn't be at an internet cafe disagreeing with WHO.
  8. by   sixes
    Well said when I read her/his post I was too upset to put what you just did into words. Thank you for posting
    I agree with you 100%
  9. by   toronto rn
    I'm really upset that Billy Joel and Elton John cancelled their concert schedualed at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto this coming week. .... A little reflection of the impact of the WHO advisory.
    Hands up to Stars on Ice cancellations there ....a great show with a great line up of skaters including Todd Elderidge, Sale and Pelltier, Kurt Browning who was fabulous as usual and Alexi Yagudin. An excellent distraction from SARS at least for a few hours.
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  10. by   sixes
    Torontorn- looks like WHO is back peddaling real hard. I also hope that this doesn't affect other attractions in TO, although I haen't been there in a long time, I did live in the Markham, Aurora areas, 2 of my children were born at the Newmarket hospital.
    I lived there from 1981-1989. I just loved going to the TO Zoo.
    I also really enjoyed going to China Town.

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  11. by   fergus51
    I personally would prefer Billy Joel and Elton John give up music altogether.... but that's another post!
    I have heard that those in not in patient care areas are going to be able to work without masks anymore. I am hopeful that this will be contained and the hysteria will stop. I have lost so much respect for the mainstream media in the last few years that I can't read a newspaper without being annoyed at how they manipulate the public into being afraid of EVERYTHING in existence. Of course by the time the media can't report on SARS anymore, they'll have West Nile to terrify people with....
  12. by   oramar
  13. by   epaminondas
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