Salary Negotiation

  1. Hi all,
    I am going to be job hunting soon and I wanted to know if anyone has successfully negotiated a higher salary then what was offered as a new grad? Did anyone negotiate anything such as sign on bonus, etc? Any tips for a successful interview? Any info you would like to provide would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    This is what happened to me, and I posted about it so I just copied the original post. I am a CNA mind you, but the same rule should apply to nurses. Never back down to what you demand for pay and IF you do, you'll always be a doormat IMO cause you didn't stand up for yourself. Read On........

    I went on my first interview yesterday and the DOR said "We pay $8.50 an hour to start" and I said "I'm sorry I can't work for that!" She replied well, I'll give you $9.50. I said I need more that that!!! She kept looking at my resume and kept saying "Well, you DO have a lot of experience, but the highest I can go is $9.50" I said again, "I'm sorry, but I feel I'm worth more than that, thank you for your time". She said "Hold On!! Let's talk cash here what are you looking for?? I said, "Well, I was looking for $12.00 an hour" She gave me this look and said "But I have CNA's that have been here for years and don't get what your asking for!!" I said "I'm not here to fight for their pay, if they stay for $8.50 an hour that's fine, but I will NOT work for that, I can go to McDonalds for that, and with the Nursing Shortage the way it is, I can get a job ANYWHERE" I proceeded to tell her that I knew for a fact that I could go to one of the Hospitals in Boston and get $13.00 an hour....

    Again I got a look!!

    She said, "Close the door"

    To cut to the chase, I got the job at $12.00 an hour, $13.00 an hour for Sunday, plenty of OT at time & 1/2 IF I CHOOSE TO TAKE IT. After 3 months, holidays including my Birthday off with pay, double time IF I work them. Full Health Benefits!!!

    I honestly thought she would throw me out of her office, but I think she was GREAT!!!
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  5. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    Overpaid??? I don't think so, but your name says it all
  6. by   Dplear
    A HONA?? I doubt that very much. I think that she is a very smart lady for demanding and standing up for what she wants. Sheryl got what sdhe is worth and probably a lot less than what she deserves. GREAT JOB Sheryl, I too know what it takes to stand up for what you want, do it and be willing to leave if needed and you can get what you want. I kow from personal experience.
  7. by   123lisa
    Negotiating salary is a must. The CNA making 12/hr with experience is not uncommon. If they work as hard as my CNA's did, they are worth it and more. I wouldn't worry so much about a sign on bonus, they sometimes pay a 1000.00 bonus over one year. Figure that in hourly pay and you have 48 cent on the hour. Go for the higher pay and it is yours as long as you work there. Get the drift?
    Good Luck
  8. by   Bessie
    Thanks for the responses. I am in agreement with anyone who attempts to get a higher salary than what is offered. All they can say is yes or no. To Sheryl, you go girl! To stiritup, don't hate the player hate the game!
  9. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    I would go in prepared with any questions you can think of. Like Sheryl said, know what you're worth and stick to it. Also, certain things (ie nurse/pt ratios, work schedule) would want to know up front. Also, be ready for scenarios which may be brought up and the interviewer asks "how would you handle this?" I think it's fair to have your own also..."how is a situation like ___ handled?"

    Future LPN Sheryl, sure wish there were more CNA's out there with your would help so much with employee retention!

    Good luck Bessie.
  10. by   Navy Nurse
    My wife and I just finished negotiating a job offer from a hospital. Just let me say don't always focus on pay, negotiate on benefits also. We got a good deal but it took about two weeks for the process to finalize.