Salary comparisons...

  1. I'm just curious. What state do you live in and what does a RN make on average? Say for med/surg? My aunt was telling me that in TX where she is that she interviewed for a job and was offered $17/hr. And she's been a nurse for 6 years!!! i think that's HORRIBLE....what about you guys??
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  3. by   Genista
    Hi Dawn-
    I can believe it. Pay scales range from $19/hr to $30+/hr in Ca, depending where you live.

    Check out this topic on RN wages posted not long ago...
  4. by   tiger
    maybe we should do an updated version of the "how much do you make thread". i really enjoyed reading it but i'm sure alot has changed for people since then.
  5. by   llg
    One of the major nursing journals does a salary summary every year. I think it is Nursing 2000, Nursing 2001, etc. They publish it in their July issue, I think. Because they have done it on a regular basis for a while, it is a good place to get an idea of the trends over time in different areas of the country and for different types of nursing jobs.

  6. by   sbic56
    What would be really helpful would be a salary comparison that also took into account the cost of living of that area. My $23/hr wage in Maine, wouldn't be a living wage in say, parts of California, where the cost of living is much higher.
  7. by   2banurse
    I agree with sbic56. Although it always sounds nice to hear that some areas make more per hour, if less remains in the pocket after paying living expenses, it is not that great. That's the idea right? Wanting to earn a salary that allows you to cover your expenses and enable you to live more comfortably, right?