Salaries for inpatient vs outpatient settings

  1. Just wondering if anyone could give me a genreal idea of how different salaries are between traditional floor nursing (RN) in a hospital vs. outpatient (endoscopy centers, dialysis centers, amb surg, doc offices, etc.). I know salaries vary depending on regions but I am guessing there might be some general difference between them. Thanks!
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  3. by   admorn03
    Working in a hospital is way more money, I was making $30/hour working nights in illinois. Now I work in a clinic office internal medicine and make 22.00 per hour. But not to be judgemental if you work for a clinic for a particular hospital some pay all the nurse the same withou a pay cut, floor nurse or clinic nurse. So you would have to do some research and shop around. I just wanted the job because of the hours, but with two kids, no child support, and being a single mom it does not work for me. Good luck in your research.
  4. by   angel337
    the above poster is correct, the difference in pay between hospitals and clinics can be $8-$10/hr. which is why most nurses won't do it. i live in chicago and i interviewed for an office position that wanted to pay me $15/hr. i almost laughed in the interviewer's face.
  5. by   coopman712
    Thanks! 15/hr does seem way low! I was curious more about the hospital affiliated centers/ clinics as opposed to private offices. Endoscopy, ambulatory surgery, etc. I figured they would probably be lower as well, but perhaps not as low as a private office.