RN working for insurance company? - page 2

how do you get a job as a RN working in a insurance company doing QA or physicals? i would like to get into this area of nursing. . thank you in advance... Read More

  1. by   mtngrl
    I work for United Healthcare. They hire a lot of nurses and are statewide. unitedhealthgroup.com
  2. by   Devie06
    How are the benefits for working at insurance companies vs working in a hospital?
  3. by   rebsumner
    What company do you work for? How do I get my foot in the door? I am a RN with 5 years of critical care nursing.

  4. by   Kaylee741
    I am also a new grad nurse (in canada) and started out in critical care, only worked for a couple of months and found it too stressful and would like to transfer out of the hospital setting as well. I would like to gain more experience in case management, any suggestions as to where I should start?