1. I was wondering if anyone in Pennsylvania would be able to answer my question. I am an RN who LOVES LTC/ Assisted Living. I worked as a CNA for 6 years and loved it. Now that I am an RN all of the jobs in LTC that I get are management/administrative. I want to perform the job duties of at least an LPN because then I can be with the residents and patients a lot more.

    Do I have to go back to an LPN school or take the LPN exam?

    Can I be hired as an LPN while only holding an RN license (I would still be held to the standard of an RN though I think but I just want the job of an LPN)?

    I contacted the state board and they said find this info on our website and my husband, who is an RN also, searched and searched and cannot find anything.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You can be a floor nurse in an LTC facility as an RN. No hoops. Just get an employer to hire you to do that job. I have seen plenty of RNs work alongside LVNs/LPNs in long term care. The only difference is that at least one that I know of, was paid more (only $1/hr more) but still the RN pay rate instead of the LVN pay rate. If that is what you want to do, ask.
  4. by   CelticGoddess
    The scope of practice of an RN encompasses all the scope of practice of an LPN (and then some). There is no reason to take the LPN exam because you are already a nurse. If you want an RN job in LTC, go to indeed.com and look for jobs there. I googled RN LTC jobs in PA and got some hits.

    I started my nursing career in LTC as an RN, and I have several friends who are RN's in LTC (and they are not management, they a floor nurses) LTC is not an LPN only proposition. I wish you the best of luck in your search.