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This email is for all RN's.. I am writing a paper for my nursing issues class (I graduate in May) and I need your prospective.. Please give me your honest opinion! 1. Why did you enter the... Read More

  1. by   nrsang97
    1. I became a nurse because I was always interested in science as a kid. My mom suggested that I become a nurse. I looked into it while I was in high school and decided to go for it. And I love it.

    2. Being able to go anywhere and find a job. The wide range of specialties. And helping people of course.

    3. Verbal abuse from famlies and patients. Also the fact that when we are sort staffed we sometimes get no support from management.

    4. Heck no! Autoworkers who are just starting out here in the Detroit area make just as much as nurses and if not more. And they have WAY LESS responsibility. I am not saying they don't deserve a good wage but they shouldn't be making more than me when my job really is life and death.

    5. Yes we are respected by the docs we work with. I deal mostly with the residents now that I am at a teaching hospital. Most are awesome to work with. I have had some actually say thank you to me because I worked so hard with their patient to keep them alive and stable.

    6. Time mgt, dealing with unreasonable people, dealing with complaints, dealing with demanding famlies.

    7. It was Aug. 2005. I was working in the crazy busy med surg floor. I was charge and had a orientee. The orientee was just about finished with orientation. At 7pm we went down to 4RN and 1LPN for busy med surg unit with 48 pts and not full but still getting admits. I had no one to finish preceping other orientee. Our manager came in to do paperwork and "knew nothing about this". I pulled her aside and told her about what was going on. They sent me at least 4 Nurse externs , and 2 N from physical rehab. The RN'srom the phys rehab dept refused to take a pt load, and tried to refuse to pass meds. I told her them tehy needed tio pass the meds. I told my boss that these RN's have the same lisence I do and I woldn't get away with it on their floor. So I was talking with my boss in the back and I told her that this was way too much. She sould stay to help and she REFUSED. So I shot back "Well I think a good manger would have put some scrubs on and got her butt to work and helped when she came and saw what a mess was going on. " (I still can't believe I didn't get called to admin. for that) The night was worse from there.

    8. Being able to make a difference no matter how small.

    9. I personally think they should get a little med surg first for time management and assessment skills. I have seen some be able to go with it and start in the ER or ICU and do well. I will never give up the experience I got in med surg.

    10. Nope.

    I am female, 27 y/o, ADN, and 5 1/2 years exp. Started out in Med surg and moved to Neuro ICU 6 months ago.