RN School is tough !! - page 6

Hello Everyone. Now I am 6 weeks into RN classes. I am forced to be succesful at: clinicals, lecture and labs. The other students are all nervous, like me, and it's tense. Often I feel sad... Read More

  1. by   Cooker93
    I too am a student working on my RN. I am a LPN who finally went back to school. LPN school was a breeze, but RN school is rough. Thank The Lord, I got most of my prerequisites and RN classes out of the way before I started the program. I am still taking 16 credits this semester and at least 12 next semester, then GRADUATION!!!!! and I work full time. I haven't had a life for 3 years, but I will reap the rewards when I am done. I just heard about a hospital near here that starts RN's at a good starting salary. I can handle that. That is incentive to get through school. I can finally work only 1 job and it will be doing something I choose instead of being so limited as I am being a LPN, and not getting paid well for my knowledge. At my last job, we hired a RN for a lot more money than I was getting, then I had to teach her how to write care plans and do the MDS', make up the schedule, documentation on wound care, infection control log etc.... Not fair. Hang in ther. It doesn't get easier, but time gets shorter.