RN refresher course??

  1. Hi everyone.
    I have been working in a very small nursing home since graduating nursing school. I have never worked med/surg and now wish I had. I have been thinking about taking a RN refresher course. Has anyone taken one? Is it worth the money? I want to feel more confident in my skills, my nursing home is very Non-acute (is that even a word?? LOL) and I have been thinking off getting a hospital position, but I AM TERRIFIED!!

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  3. by   Schmoo1022
    Sorry for posting this..I searched and found a very similiar post I guess that is why there is a search buttin huh??
  4. by   purplemania
    The refresher courses cost more than $1000 each and generally require finding a hospital nurse who will precept you for clinical experience. It seems to me that you could get the same for free if you just went to work on a med-surg unit. Believe me, you know more than a new grad and many start in the hospital. You might even be lucky enough to get into a hospital with an internship for new nurses. Talk to HR about being considered a "newbie" even if just for a short while or for certain portions of the internship. Remember, if you get the job and hate it you can always quit. But I bet you are not giving yourself enough credit for what you really do know.
  5. by   deanaRN
    The course I just completed was about $300 (maybe $350?) It was hospital based. med-surg focused. The state board has links to approved refresher courses in your state.