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  1. I've been waiting for months to take this refresher course at MDCC in Miami. Signed up, paid for the class and showed up today ready to go. Well was I ever disappointed that the class was cancelled. Only 5 people registered and only 3 people showed up. It's hard to believe that in a metro area the size of Miami -Dade county I can't find a Nurse refresher course. There is no hospital that will even consider hireing me without a refresher. I have been doing Home Health and Private duty for the past 7 years and want a change. None of the hospitals around here offer classes for nurses wishing to return to the clinical setting. There must be some way for me to get my foot back in the door. Any suggestions??
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    I went agency working in a nearby hospital and got in the door! I too was working in another area (geriatrics ALF) for four years and they didn't feel I was a good canidate when I applied before.

    Once I got into the door I flew! I was nervous, but amazed that I remembered most of the info I needed, and just stayed cheery and asked questions as I needed. Pretty soon I had departments begging me to apply and work there full time...now I am ! And loving it!

    I had to work 500 hours in that facility before the hospital would buy out my contract (make sure you know about this aspect before taking on agencies...certain ones will have you pay a 'finders fee' if you take on a job where you are assigned.). But they did gladly and I really didn't have to be oriented since I was already working there...a bonus for both the hospital and I!

    Good luck to you...and keep looking at community colleges that may offer a Med/Surge refresher, or hospitals that may have a Med/Surge preceptor program.
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    Thanks soooooooo much for the encouragement. I'm sure to remember more than I give myself credit for but just one &*^% up and , well you know. If I had a refresher then I would be able to have a reference point at which to gauge myself. What I would really love is to have a kind compassionate preceptor. Someone who is just bursting with knowledge and ready to let this dry ol' sponge soak it up. I'll keep on looking...
  5. by   pocovan
    I work as a visiting RN. I am going to do some Float nursing at the hospital i am affiliated with on some med surg floors part time. Most hospital RNs have no clue what home health RNs do. They do the same skills just without a back up and sometimes in some rough places. I love my job and I feel I make a difference, but I also want to maintain the ability to work in a hospital setting if I so choose.

    Home Health nurses keep people out of the hospital by catching problems early or they get them into the hospital in the nick of time.