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Shell shocked. Worked last night, they called today and asked me to come in today early. Administrator there plus managers, still befuddled. I gave an Ambien to a patient at 2100, I remember pulling... Read More

  1. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I can relate to your story..not with meds but with money as I use to be a bank teller. My drawer always always balanced. One day I was working drive thru and my drawer came up over $1100 short! I FREAKED. We counted everything over and over! I went over all my transactions to see if I took a depost for that much that I might could have accidentally sent back out to a customer. Couldn't find a thing. A few days later on my DAY OFF the head teller called and told me they found a $500 strap behind my trash can at my normal window. The rest was never located. It was all VERY mysterious and I hated it because I felt people thought I stole it!
    My drawer happened to have a common key # that other tellers could access it when I was not there if they were back in the vault. The vault didn't have cameras so someone could easily unlock my drawer, snatch out some money and relock it. We didn't make a habit of counting our drawer when opening, only when closing. After that I made sure they changed my lock to a non common key. But that is such a bad feeling to feel accused of something you are innocent of I'm glad they found it! What a relief!!