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Hi all, just wondering what kind of health benefits you get from your employer and how much or if you have to pay for them. For example do you know what your copays,deductibles, caps are on your... Read More

  1. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from CeCiRN
    I hear the US Government has great benefits as do many of the cities, counties and states!!!
    Sorry to say, you are wrong about that. The US Government has 28 plans to choose from, however, if you take non-generic drugs you pay 50% of the cost. That is with the best plan available. Just ONE of my drugs costs $1,200 a month and there is no generic available..........copay $600. That is with the best insurance the government offers nurses, (not military).

    And..................NO dental insurance.
  2. by   lee1
    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    I work at a LTC facility, not a hospital.

    The LPNs and CNAs in my facility pay $420 month for top of the line insurance, $370 for basic. As an RN though I am considered to be in an administrative position, and therefore I get the premium insurance (for me and my family) absolutely free. I pay $15 for prescriptions and $20 for all doctor visits. I also pay 10% of dental bills and have two free eye exams plus $250 in glasses or contacts each per year.

    It's the best insurance I have ever had, and you can't beat the price!!!

    I wonder if they have trouble affording that type of pay. $420/month for a CNA who probably makes less than $12/hr?????
    Even LPNs do not make as much as RNs.