1. make your reservations early......

    NYSNA Annual Convention 2001
    November 1 - 4, 2001

    The New York State Nurses Association invites you, a friend and supporter of nurses, to participate in our Annual Convention, which in 2001 will include a gala Centennial Celebration.

    Join the New York State Nurses Association for its centennial celebration at the Hilton New York in the heart of Manhattan, November 1 - 4, 2001.

    A special Centennial Celebration Reception and Dance Gala will be held to honor nursing on Saturday, November 3, 2001. This gala will include dancing to a live orchestra, cocktails, an elaborate dessert buffet, music and dance presentations performed by Broadway professionals, a visual extravaganza highlighting 100 years of nursing plus much more. This 100th Anniversary Celebration is guaranteed to be memorable for years to come.

    Special programs honoring nursing leaders and important milestones in the association's history are expected to draw record attendance - and offer unique opportunities for sponsorship and exhibits. CEUs for programs attended will be available.

    Registration materials will be available Spring 2001.

    To be added to our mailing list, please call or complete the information request form at: http://www.nysna.org/depts/org/conv01/conv01.htm

    Please note: if you are a member of NYSNA you will automatically receive this information.

    (Visit this link if you are interested in exhibiting, sponsoring or advertising at NYSNA's 2001 Convention....... http://www.nysna.org/depts/org/conv01/prospectus.htm)

    Centennial Celebration
    A Century of Caring
    1901 - 2001 >>

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    [B]make your reservations early......

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    make your reservations early......

    Hey natalie!!!

    Are you coming???
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    jt-100 years!!! We have a great state nursing association. This looks like a blast and I'm definitely going to look into it.